Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

keeping score

small hope like sunlight on
shimmering treetops, like a sky the color
of luminous dust

take the silence you’ve been given

hold it close to your heart

the children are tired of despair, are tired
of starvation, of revolution,
and so what are you going to do?

how far are you willing to crawl in a
desert of your own creation?

if i were a liar, i would tell you
there can be no wrong answers

if i were honest, i would turn away

do you remember the
life you had before?

do you remember the ocean?

i am a believer in easy escapes,
in walking away from pain and sorrow

i take comfort
in the gentle haze of distance

i find despair
around every corner

open your eyes, for christ’s sake

Sunday, September 04, 2011

icarus, motherfucker

ceremony of beasts

the angel uriel, lost and forsaken in the desert of upstate new york

4th of july

90 degrees by ten in the morning, dirty
silver sky and you were telling me i
was nothing and i was watching you bleed

i was a believer in
time and in distance

in failure

house smelled of decay, of brutal heat and
damp corners and we were waiting for the
parade with our flags in tatters

we were writing letters to the dead and
dreaming of answers that would never arrive

dog was chained to a
tree and starving to death

child playing at the edge of the road and
i was crawling across the bedroom floor

was looking in the other direction
when i heard someone call my name

looked back and the child was gone