Friday, January 30, 2015

a review of said chapbook.......

w/ thanks to ralph hasselmann jr.

one of my chapbooks in university library small press collections

love song for the betrayed

all of us here in
this room without oxygen
waiting to be forgiven and it seems
like the safest place

feels like the fist of god
punching a million starving children in
the throat, and you know the
fucker’s laughing or else why would he
let them starve in the first place?

seems like the laziest of wasting all
that time inventing religions
instead of looking for solutions

seems like a world full of inbred
assholes with shit
spilling from their open mouths

Saturday, January 24, 2015

a lifetime

in the silvergrey afternoon in the
last year of freedom had a
reason to love you and my hands on
fire my teeth filed down to
points had a photograph of god
had his address his number and all of
those children starving in the
streets w/ their bright
shiny tears

all of those days spent waiting
for the phone to ring

digging holes to
bury the unwanted dead


young boy on fire and
singing beneath the colorless sky
all sweetness and regret and
where are the people who
said they loved him?

where is the future that was
supposed to grow from his 

titles available directly from me

shoot me a message for pricing, all payments thru paypal


instructions for drowning.

the sum of broken parts

uncertain terms

Sunday, January 18, 2015

joy #1

all lines equal to the
heart of the matter and then
all acts justified

all deaths avenged
and then again
until every ocean is an
ocean of blood

are you so goddamn stupid
that you can’t see this?

do you really believe
power is the answer?

picture your corpse rotting
next to mine
and no one left to care

To the sky

Job like a gun to the head but the bills
need to be paid and the children fed.
Gotta heat the house through those
dead days of January where everything
tastes like ashes and blood.  Gotta
crawl when you’re told to crawl.  Grind
all that shit & filth deep down into
                                           yr soul.