Saturday, December 31, 2016


So, Russia's backing off on the anonymous hits to the blog now, but Poland has stepped up to take their place.  All very odd.   I think if they'd just boy and or girlfriends, or maybe a cat or a dog or even a turtle, they'd have much more fulfilling lives.  All of this fucking around on computers can't be healthy.  Plus, you'll be dead eventually anyways, and everything you did in  your pointless little life will be meaningless.  Just ask your great-great-great-great grandparents....

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the deluge

can’t spend yr whole life being the
bleeding horse abandoned on
some ice floe off the coast of patagonia

can’t be an eight year-old child
shot in the face by yr father’s dealer, but
you can’t have yr own palace, either

let the myth of christ be yr gospel

teach yr sons the importance of judas,
                                               of pilate,
of crows gathered on wires waiting for the
animal below to die
and tell all the bloodstained priests that you
already have a roomful of miracles

tell them you already have a roomful of
teenage girls looking to get fucked,
                                             fucked up,
                                             fucked over,
and none of us can spend our whole
lives crying about injustice

we can’t save lorca or neruda

can’t convince gorky that faith has weight,
that the idea of god serves a purpose,
cuz he’s moved past all that bullshit now

ties the noose and takes that
one little step and
to hell with the future

to hell with possibility

every corpse on fire is just
one less hole to dig

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Do yourself a favor, buy a copy or three....


How Red Lorry Yellow Lorry ever got a major label deal is beyond me.  It was those heady days when REM, Replacements and Husker Du were all getting signed up, but I'd love to meet the exec who said "THESE GUYS WILL BE HUGE!!!  SIGN THEM NOW!!!"  I assume it must've been a licensing deal. 

They rocked, tho.  Nothing Wrong was the first thing I ever heard by them, living my sheltered small town life, and I loved it.  Not really goth, definitely not a Joy Division ripoff, as has been claimed.  Some fine, fine post-punk. 

The next one, Blow, took me a while to get into.  Not a sell-out, but definitely some commercial leanings.  I liked Lifting Off, too, even tho it seemed to have a whole different agenda than the other stuff.

The early stuff kicks ass.  This 3 CD compilation of their early singles, BBC sets and first two albums is the bee's knees.  The single disc Generation - The Best of is also awesome.  Not as comprehensive, but probably cheaper, and end-to-end HEAVY AS SHIT.  One of the few bands that truly knew how to punish their drum machine.  I forget what the deal was, if the offices of the record company caught fire or got flooded or something, but a lot of the master tapes were lost, so a bunch of these songs were sourced from vinyl.  I've read a lot of bitching about this, but mildly crackly music is better than no music at all, y'know?  Suck it up, wussies.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

rain on sunday

and lovers lie and the
radio only ever plays static

the gift of all gods
is addiction

nothing left at the end of the day
but to fuck the blues away

a length of rope or a
line of coke and
she smiles once she’s made her choice

we take turns with the blindfold

we name the baby then we
raise it in a burning house

teach it right from
wrong at the water’s edge

a bitter kind of hope and
a beaten sort of faith

a lie between lovers
which i think i mentioned

which is all we really ever
need to make the sun
rise again


Medicine was another band with great potential.  Chalk it up to either A) their artistic growth far outweighed my ignorance or B) they totally dropped the ball after this one, but they shit the bed after that first album.  Of course, they opened it up with the best song of their career, so that might have been an omen.

ONE MORE - Nine minutes of insane fucking awesomeness.  A full minute of feedback bliss before the bass makes itself known, and then the drums slip in for some serious funkiness.  Gradually, you can here the feedback turn into a guitar line and then around 2:30 the tune proper kicks in.  Amazing shit.  Had some dweeby metalhead dude that I worked with over at the apartment the day I bought and first listened to this, he was freaked out by the noise of it all.  What a wuss.

The rest of the album is pretty damn kickass, too.

Second album was one of those ones where I kept thinking "okay, the NEXT song will be the one that gets things rolling" but, sadly, it never happened.  Their contribution to THE CROW soundtrack was an excellent tune, but the next album lost the plot again.  They've reformed recently, but I've given up.  Oh well.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 If you're going to keep accessing my blog, you might as well make yourself useful and purchase some books.  Many exciting links on the right side of this page.  Don't be shy.  Buying subversive literature is a great way to stick it to The Man......


I read that he doesn't like pictures like this being spread around the internet.  I can only assume he's a fan of SpongeBob, and that he made this statement on Opposite Day.  That's some serious fucking wattle action there, boy.....


Poetry Super Highway is also an awesome resource for finding publishers of poetry and other inane scribblings:

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Saturday, December 17, 2016


Good stuff.  Nice and concise, points are well made..  Written by Andy Ostroy, originally from The Huffington Post. 

An Open Letter To ‘Mr.’ Trump: WTF Is Wrong With You!?

Dear Mr. Trump:

I refer to you as “Mr” because I do not recognize you as my president. Or anyone’s president for that matter. You lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, more than any president in United States history. And with the likely help of Russian hacks, oppressive voter ID laws, other acts of voter suppression and election fraud, and an embarrassingly neutered media, you squeaked out a measly 306 electoral votes, placing you in the bottom fifth of all presidents ever.

But in true Trumpian fashion, you’ve boasted of a “massive landslide victory.” Sorry, pal. The only “landslide” was Hillary Clinton’s, as she received more votes than any president in history except for Barack Obama in 2008. One thing’s for sure though: you were right about the election being “rigged.” For you.

Now that we’ve gotten the niceties out of the way, let me ask the most obvious question: what the fuck is wrong with you!? Seriously, do you not give a shit about your legacy, if not for yourself, at least for your kids, grandkids and future generations of Trumps? If your goal is to beat James Buchanan as the worst president in history, well then Mazel Tov, as you’re halfway there and you’ve still got five weeks till inauguration day!

Let’s start with your cabinet picks. You were supposed to drain the swamp, not restock it with self-serving corporate billionaires and other uber-rich insiders and cronies. You’ve appointed a banana-republic-worthy gaggle of unqualified, inexperienced, intellectually un-curious sexists/misogynists, racists, stabbers (ok, just one knifer, Ben Carson), fake-news-spreaders and Russian sympathizers. And your alt-right white nationalist advisor Steve Bannon sits atop this basket of deplorables. This is your idea of populism!?

And what’s with all the generals? You know, those guys you claim to be smarter than. Are you planning some kind of military coup? Besides, hanging around with generals doesn’t make you any tougher. You could hang around real-men in uniform all you want and you’re still a draft-dodging coward.

Now about that Russian hack. That you’re summarily dismissing the validity of the findings of 17 national security agencies is shameful and treasonous. You should be saying, “Yes, a Russian hack into our election process, a cyber-attack, is a major threat to our Democracy and must be subject to a full bi-partisan investigation.” Instead, you’ve disparaged our intelligence community. You blame President Obama. Or some 400-lb fat guy in his mother’s basement. What kind of message does it send to our enemies that our President-elect attacks our national security experts while defending Vladimir Putin?

Next, the conflicts of interests are not just mind-numbingly unethical, but perhaps illegal and impeachable. You’ve refused to release your tax returns and have bailed on your big press conference this week to explain how you’re going to separate yourself and your family from your business... leaving the American people with zero transparency for the first time in modern presidential history. Between your foreign investments and debt, and your domestic properties (DC hotel, for example), your conflicts are staggering. You’re blatantly putting your personal financial interests before the safety and security of the nation. Oh, and because of you I now have to add the word “emoluments” to my vocabulary.

Lastly, your utter disdain for America’s free and open press is perhaps the biggest threat to our democracy of all. Your administration’s hinted at making drastic, unprecedented changes to the media’s access to information including limiting or eliminating daily White House briefings, the Saturday morning presidential address, press conferences and the press pool. You’ve also threatened to expand our libel laws which would allow you greater ability to sue reporters and media outlets who are critical of you and your administration.

This is what fascism smells like.

Your words and actions are a constant attack on our freedoms and the progress we’ve made in our 240-year history. You are pissing all over the Oval Office and the U.S. Constitution. Shame on you. And shame on everyone who voted for you.

So no, Mr. Trump, I will never refer to you as “president.” You are not worthy of that title.

cop shoots four year-old girl, runs

in ragged back yards at the end of summer,
overgrown lawns and last year’s leaves,
these dreams of you that fill my mouth with ashes

the sunlight a deathbed gift from de Chirico

the marigolds and their shadows

tell the child you love him
but he grows up to run away

tell the drowning man that
an ocean of blood is still an ocean

nothing here but degrees of desperation

mothers yelling in foreign languages

do you see that these poems
are for me and not you?

will you crawl for your lover
in spite of the pain?

no shame in lying if it
keeps the house from burning down


Tons of hits on the blog, 95% of them from Russia, yet none for any specific posts that I've made.  Is life really that dull for Russian hackers?  They have nothing better to do than try to infiltrate the US through some dipshit's goofy blog?  God fuck us all........