Saturday, October 31, 2015

magdalena spinola, always and forever

like dogs in
the kingdom of rain , like the
disappeared or the dying,
we are lost here

we are weeping on the
bloodstained steps of the
catholic church

we are walking down
rust-streaked valleys of
corrugated steel, and do you believe
in the burial grounds that exist
beneath these abandoned parking lots?

have your children
begun to hate you as much as
you hated your own father?

picture a dead letter office
filled with their prayers

picture your heroes grown
old and irrelevant

accept christ all you want but
don’t think that fucker
will ever have time for you

it isn’t who you kill but
what you believe

it’s never what your reasons are
but how good you look on
the cover of a magazine

gotta smile up into the dying sun

gotta let all that pain
flow straight through you

won’t ever feel any better than you
do at the moment of release

Monday, October 26, 2015