Wednesday, August 02, 2006

st. cecilia, mute and blind

not the poem but
everything before and after

too much to set down on paper
and so i wait for
the pills to start working instead

i crawl from god to god with
my fingertips bleeding
and my questions unanswered

or maybe this is a lie

maybe i make too much of
the small casual fears that pull us
from day to day but listen

this story on the news just now
about a baby not even
twelve hours old abandoned
by the side of the road

the fact that he lives

the fact that someone
at some point
will laugh at him for what's
happened on this day

this one thing we all have
in common
which is the need to inflict pain

1 comment:

christopher cunningham said...

good poem, john. as always. listen, did you ever get anything from Guerilla Poetics? that is me and justin.barrett and bill roberts, koweski, mccreesh, graziano, et al. and we are involved in quite a thing...

check it out, and if you didn't get the invite letter, please lemme know and I'll resend. we'd love to have you on board.

ps. I'll link you up at my blog Upright Against The Savage Heavens as well as the GPP site.