Sunday, December 31, 2006

The march

Upriver slowly and in black & white.
The sound of helicopters, distant but
approaching. The silence of the
Indians hiding along the shore, unaware
of the annihilation that comes with
democracy, and then April, and then
July. A sound like we had never
invented God, like all of these young
girls sleeping, dreaming of becoming
Internet whores. Sunlight in the moments
before the bomb hits, and then this man
who comes home on Christmas to find
his family gone, and all he knows how
to do is hang himself. All he knows
how to do is die.


kav said...


john sweet said...

thanks. i had the first sentence flaoting around in my head for a few days, wasn't really sure where to go w/ it, then the rest came out in one burst when i was stuck on another piece.