Thursday, March 01, 2007

first and last

or i will be a man who
says nothing,
or i will be a man
who says less

it's not really the truth
that matters

the room is what
you'd imagine it to be

myself at a table,
this woman on the other side,
and all she wants is
a confession

all she wants is a

an admission that power
will always defeat love

that money makes a sound
like hammers on nails

like nails driven through
flesh, into wood,
and so i say nothing

i sing a song filled with
the blood of ghosts

i consider what it means
to have an enemy


Anonymous said...

Very much enjoying your poetry here, John, and have been for quite some time. You've inspired me to start my own poetry blog... again.


john sweet said...

susan, good to hear from you, just glad that someone's reading what i post.

i just started a blog at myspace, too, to see what's going on over there. definitely better than posting on poetry boards.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you too, John. Thanks for the comment at my blog. Let me know how myspace goes. Yes, this may just be the next step up from the poetry boards. I'm sort of skipping out on submitting things for the time being too. I just want to write it, post it, hope somebody reads it. You know?