Saturday, August 18, 2012

christ the saviour

another day of no sun of no
money no drugs and
in the silences between breaths
there is only waiting

in the fields that move from
the edges of town to the collapsing
hills there are only weeds
                           and mud
the ragged coughs of feral dogs
who have learned to walk on
their hind legs

have learned to fuck for pleasure
and to torture for even more and
will you remember where you were when
you heard about cobain’s suicide?

will you let your children keep the
skulls they find along the
freeway’s edge?

it’s a brave idea to not believe in
killing, but it won’t
help you at all down in juarez
because your tears will have nowhere
to go when the ditches are all
filled with corpses

those in power will wash themselves
clean in the blood of the weak

this is the only real truth
that history has to offer

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