Saturday, June 07, 2014


* *
endless unnumbered pages in the
book of pain and it’s here where you
write your truths and it’s here
you are written on

and the more complex atrocities
                             of one-on-one

cupped hands
overflowing with blood

take her money
then dig a shallow grave
another child’s mother
buried alive
a small chapter no one
ever remembers

* *

tongue tied in
holy knots w/
eyes almost
blind he is not
speaking to god
he is not
speaking at all is
not sleeping but
dreaming is not
awake but
falling and he
is standing at
the edge of the
highway and
he is laughing
and she is
almost she is
getting into
the car she is
smiling and
she is crying
and she is
driving away
with the rest
of his life

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