Sunday, August 31, 2014

a cage in the forest

tell the blind man there's
nothing to see

let the politicians
fuck your daughters

don't settle for the facts when
the truth is what really matters

don't worry about man ray
dead now for 30 years in
paris, and i still keep
waiting for his call

i stand on the edge of the
porch roof, next to the
hole in my house where the
light pours out


the days are shorter now
and all of my fears that much
closer to the surface

no amount of poetry will
ever cure cancer

no man who would ask for
your vote would
ever give you his in return

these are things to think about
while you watch dorothea
undress, and when she asks if
you love her, you should smile
without answering

you should
kiss her breasts

words aren't the enemy,
of course, but it's always
best to act as if they are

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