Thursday, September 18, 2014

you and i lost in the forest of meaningless symbols

the sound of human voices in
                          august rooms

the sound of heat or the
weight of it

thunder at the edges

mountains grey in the haze or
blue beneath a colorless sky

asks where’s the map?

answers why do you need it?
and both of them naked
both of them waiting

and pollock is dead, of course,
                              and cobain,
                               and christ,
just to give you a better idea of WHEN
she has freckles on her pale breasts

he is never quite comfortable
in his own skin

says i’d like to see the desert and
she smiles at him and laughs

says but i need to get home

you see?

there are always places to go but
they will never be arrived at

there are some reasons more important
than others, or at least there
those who see it this way
one more time he says and she agrees

there is here and now and then
there is the idea that HERE and NOW
are fading into the past

sits alone in a darkening room
and begins to understand this

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