Friday, June 05, 2015

the collapse

believe in a sky both
silver and bruised, in the
dizzy spin of the sun, and believe not
in true love but in the possibility
of it, and then wait for the
rain to arrive

fall between the bodies
of christ and pilate

breathe in the smell of
new-mown grass

breathe in the smell of corpses
burned with gasoline

the walls you build are temporary
at best, and your hatreds are all cliché

ask this woman next to you
in bed for her name

tell her something
both small and meaningless

and what those of us born with the
knowledge of space and of distance,
and what about the ones who
learn it by force?

do you ever get sick of being
defined only by what you’ve lost?

pick the point in your life
where you think everything
began to fall apart

tell your wife exactly when it
was you stopped loving her

wallow in the pain you cause
just like it was your
last day on earth

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