Saturday, December 12, 2015

like fire

thought maybe the
blood would begin to
run backwards once the
war was over but
it didn’t
thought surrender would
earn us mercy
but no
the children were lined up and
shot beneath tattered white flags,
their bodies dumped in the river,
their mothers raped and then
butchered, and do you
remember the year?
was it before you were born?
after we died?
do you remember the priests
and their magic wands,
their answers that answered
nothing at all?
found you naked behind the trailer
with your wide open eyes
and quicksilver wrists
and I told you there that the
baby would never have my name
told you that the dogs would
say whatever they had to
to get in between your legs
let you find out for yourself
that being weak in the
civilized world would
never buy you any mercy

1 comment:

Lover of eyes said...

Wickedly true in so many ways