Tuesday, June 21, 2016


MX-80 is still around, but I'll be honest - I haven't bothered with any of their recent stuff.  I loved Ralph Records back in the day, which is how I found out about OUT OF THE TUNNEL, and from there I worked in both directions to fill in the empty spaces.

Not quite punk, not really metal, more than just artsy.  Formed in the mid-70s, so you can sort of see the same musical mindset that powered Devo or Pere Ubu.  That same isolationist (Indiana in their case) vibe, creating something unique with the weapons at hand.

Atonal, dirgey, twitchy, repetitive, powerful stuff.  Monotone vocals, occasional synth or sax stabs, each song lurching towards its own unique conclusion.

I think I stopped looking for new stuff by them once the classic Ralph era (early 80s for me, anyway) came to an end.  Once the Residents botched the ending of the Mole Trilogy, I started to lose interest.  MX was gone, Yello was gone, Snakefinger seemed to lose his way after his first few records..... 

It was an awesome run for the label, tho.

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