Friday, June 03, 2016


We bring you now the much anticipated LAROLA 11.

This one goes to eleven. The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles Eleven.

In which.

Megan Lynn is no longer a whore.
Arlyn LaBelle is a whale.
Darren Demaree watches Emily.
Woodrow Hightower likes strip club dustups
Lana Bella tries to recover our city
William C Crawford listens through the wall
Morgan Bazilian watches a friend die
Rose Knapp is a book burning blacks
Philip West is no place in particular
Carl Boon lives on the third floor.
Jinapher Hoffman is uptight, and wants you to kiss her ass.

Patrick McGinty reads Plato in a southern motel.
John Sweet is ready to leave
Allen Forrest puts the baby in the sink
Mark Wyatt spies on school buses
Leroy B. Vaughn deserts us for Arizona
Melissa Parietti is polishing her gun
Michael Roach is rotten.
S.A. Harris catches fire
Simon Perchick has no address.
Joseph Ferguson goes on the road, dead.
Sujash Purna loses his teeth.
Veronica An gets on the bus,
Thom Young fucks us in the ass.

It is Larola 11. This one goes to eleven.

We fuck you up, no change. No charge.

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