Thursday, December 22, 2016


Medicine was another band with great potential.  Chalk it up to either A) their artistic growth far outweighed my ignorance or B) they totally dropped the ball after this one, but they shit the bed after that first album.  Of course, they opened it up with the best song of their career, so that might have been an omen.

ONE MORE - Nine minutes of insane fucking awesomeness.  A full minute of feedback bliss before the bass makes itself known, and then the drums slip in for some serious funkiness.  Gradually, you can here the feedback turn into a guitar line and then around 2:30 the tune proper kicks in.  Amazing shit.  Had some dweeby metalhead dude that I worked with over at the apartment the day I bought and first listened to this, he was freaked out by the noise of it all.  What a wuss.

The rest of the album is pretty damn kickass, too.

Second album was one of those ones where I kept thinking "okay, the NEXT song will be the one that gets things rolling" but, sadly, it never happened.  Their contribution to THE CROW soundtrack was an excellent tune, but the next album lost the plot again.  They've reformed recently, but I've given up.  Oh well.

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