Sunday, December 11, 2016


So, Dawn's store, like this entire town, is increasingly (and rapidly) becoming a haven for shoplifters, welfare frauds, violent criminals and junkies.  No ready-to-eat meals are served in the store, so they aren't required to have a public restroom.  Corporate, however, are typical asslicking money-whores, and they bend over backwards to pander to the scumbags, so there are restrooms for the customers.

Plumbers are called in on a regular basis to retrieve the usual fun stuff from the drains (rubber balls, wads of plastic & cardboard, etc etc).  Along with the typical nonsense they find shoved into the toilet, they're now finding used syringes all the time, because needlefreak logic is non-existent.  The ones that don't flush their needles, of course, shove them deep into the garbage cans where they can pose a serious health risk to whoever has to empty them.  Rest assured, it's no one from corporate, so corporate really doesn't give a fuck.  They live in the eternal hope that someone on the nod might have a few bucks left after shooting up and want to spend it on sugary treats before they leave.

Some numb fuck last week shoved two syringes into a Red Bull can and jammed the whole thing down the toilet.  Let's just hope he bought his drink at the store.

All of this makes me view Keith Richards as an even bigger numbnuts asswad than I've always thought he was.

In other unrelated news, the pictured album is quite nifty. 

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