Monday, May 29, 2017


Sure, Band of Susans were never going to be the next Pearl Jam or Nirvana or whatnot, but damn they kicked up some dust.   Getting lumped in w/ the No Wave shit coming out of NYC at the time didn’t help.  They were way too tuneful for that crowd, but critics love pigeon-holing, and I guess that was the best they could do to try and fit them in somewhere. 

I think BOS would have had a little more success if they had started a few years later, or maybe been from the west coast.  Unlike Sonic Youth or Swans, they kicked ass right from the get-go.  Unlike the grunge crowd, they seemed to lack a sense of lyrical irony and eye-rolling (which, I have to d=say, is a very good thing – irony and sarcasm in music is highly overrated).  The Wired for Sound comp was a nice gesture, but I’d love to see a box set for these folks.

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