Wednesday, May 17, 2017


If fucked up young people (i.e. younger than me) are your can of beans, then these books are for you.  Excellent short stories throughout, only one or two so-so pieces, mostly exceptional material, a lot of messed-up individuals who can't seem to figure out the first thing about life, but who still keep trying.

Miller seems to cling to her comfort zone more fiercely than  Ferris, the protagonist of almost every one of her stories could be the same specific individual, but the stories themselves are high-caliber.

Both authors excellently portray people who are victims of their own foolishness/limitations/bad choices, but Miller's might be a little more sympathetic.  And maybe that's what was intended, you know?  Who's to say. 

Talking about writing, tho - what the fuck is wrong with me?  Good shit in these books, read them and then give me credit for turning you onto them.

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