Sunday, July 23, 2017


It looks like some members of the press are trying to paint Sean Spicer as some sort of noble, morally conscious human being as he walks away from the crumbling Trump regime.  Dont kid yourself.  This dickfaced scumbag was lying right out of the gate with all of his ranting about inauguration crowd sizes, and he never let up for the next 6 months.  Hes just as big an unprincipled fuckhole as Trump, Kushner, Bannon and the rest of those ass-licking moneywhores.  What finally happened is that he woke up and realized that Trump wasnt going to do anything to save him when the indictments start getting handed out.

Dont worry, though.  Hell get a cushy job with some right wing spin shop and keep spreading his bullshit.  well always have our fondmemories, tho, like the time Trump denied him an audience with the Pope so all the little privileged, entitled, non-Catholic Trumpies could meet the old guy instead.  Best part?  That stupid fucking schlub Spicer WENT BACK TO WORK THE NEXT DAY!  What a loser……

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