Thursday, July 27, 2017


Van. Fucking. Gogh.
Holy shit.
"Wheat Field w/ Cypresses" ?
That sky?
GOOD GOD that is the bomb....

 An expansive painting of a wheatfield, with a footpath going through the centre underneath dark and forbidding skies, through which a flock of black crows fly.

A man sowing seeds in front of a giant sun going down near a large tree

A vineyard with many people working picking fruit, while a very large and bright sun shines in the sky.

A man is scattering seeds in a ploughed field. The figure is represented as small, and is set in the upper right and walking out of the picture. He carries a bag of seed over one shoulder. The ploughed soil is grey, and behind it rises a standing crop, and in the left distance, a farmhouse. In the centre of the horizon is a giant yellow rising sun with emanating yellow rays. A path leads into the picture, and birds are swooping down.

 A view of a dark starry night with bright stars shining over the River Rhone. Across the river distant buildings with bright lights shining are reflected into the dark waters of the Rhone.

Irises growing in a garden. There is bare soil visible and orange flowers in the background.

 A painting of a large cypress tree, on the side of a road, with two people walking, a wagon and horse behind them, and a green house in the background, under an intense starry sky.

 A painting of two large cypress trees under a bright afternoon sky, next to a wheat field in a landscape of hills, bushes, flowers and trees

 A painting of two large cypress trees, under a late afternoon sky, with a crescent moon

A watercolour of two pink peach trees in a blossoming orchard of trees near a wooden fence under a bright blue sky.

 An expansive painting of a wheatfield, with green hills through the centre underneath dark and forbidding skies.

Iris flowers and some green leaves in a yellow vase.

Pale pink roses in a green vase, against a pale green background.

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