Thursday, August 10, 2017

pettibon gospel

crucified that fucker in
shades of blue and green beneath a
bright yellow sky and we
called it art

we dug nails out of the
childrens corpses to help build a
stronger church and do you see how
history is only one version of the truth?

let the people you love be the ones
forced to crawl through fire

let the dogs lick your blood
from the bedroom walls

a nation of skin changers and
carrion eaters, of money revered as god,
of god revealed to be a coward

the dark ages brought back to life
for cheap entertainment

the price of grain or the
price of drugs
because you cant afford both

cant afford to believe in the
healing power of hope when all
youre taught from birth is
the glory of war

100,000,000 deaths in the name of
some greater good that ends up
meaning nothing at all

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