Wednesday, June 21, 2017

all ghosts sighing

its the punchline where you
cant stop bleeding and he says he
forgets the joke but offers you $50 for
a night with your sister

gets you a tank of gas maybe or
enough beer for the weekend and you just
gotta finally feel these chromium days
deep down in your veins,
                           you know?

you gotta run to the edge of the highway
before the crows find the body


i have yet to find a god i would
get down on my knees for

i keep talking the pills
but the pain wont go away

and i am not the man offering money
and i am not the man receiving it
but ive met the sister

was driving to work when I
heard about cobains suicide

was sitting in my apartment thinking
about getting high when my mother called
to tell me about my father and i kept
waiting for the punchline

kept hearing small stones hit the
window next to my head

this fifteen year old kid down in the
drive who said
hed seen the face of god

said his sister was on her way over and
this is how we end up lost

this is the year of election in a land
where the starving
are devoured by the obese

where your children spend slow afternoons
torturing and killing dogs in the
muddy stand of trees down by the river,
and someone asks how it ever came
to this, of course,
because willful blindness is a gift

because we have always been fond of
the taste of someone elses blood

and the superheroes are dead in this
age of inevitable despair and
the politicians all just want
to fuck you hard

they dont get the joke but they
know that youre the punchline

they know how deep
the knife has gone in

easiest thing in the world,
laughing at someone elses pain

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