Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I’m never going to bitch about Red Lorry Yellow Lorry box sets (even the sourcing from vinyl doesn’t really bug me - you gotta do what you gotta do), but it seems odd that the same company has put out 2 of them in 3 years.

2014’s SEE THE FIRE collects the first 2 albums, most of the non-album singles and EPs from that period, plus some BBC sessions.  All good, essential stuff.

The new one, cleverly titled ALBUMS AND SINGLES 1982-1989, repeats a vast majority of the non-BBC stuff from SEE THE FIRE, then adds the 2 major album releases, NOTHING WRONG and BLOW (plus a few bonus cuts for each album).  You can pick it up pretty cheap on Amazon, so why wouldn’t you? 

1991’s BLASTING OFF is the only album that hasn’t been anthologized, but from what I’ve read that was mainly Chris Reed and a bunch of studio musicians.  It’s a good album in its own unique way, but really not part of the “official” bands oeuvre.  It’s sort of like leaving CUT THE CRAP off the Clash’s box set, if you know what I mean…..

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