Friday, June 23, 2017


I read somewhere the Catherine Wheels’ FERMENT was reissued a few years ago,  w/ bonus tracks, but then I read somewhere else that it was sourced from crackly vinyl, which sort of sucks.  Of the major 90s guitar bands (shoegaze, if you have to call it that), these guys seem to have consistently gotten the shit end of the reissue stick.

Slowdive had all three of their original albums reissued, bonus discs, all that happy crap, plus I think they’ve had TWO 2CD compilations.  They’re worthy of it all, of course……

Swervedriver had their first 3 albums reissued with some bonus tracks tossed in, plus a 2CD retrospective that encompassed some of their singles and the 4th album, so that’s not bad.  Still, they had so much killer non-album tuneage, that a more extensive overview would be quite nice.

Ride was way too spotty to be a first tier band, but even THEY had a box set greatest hits/rarities/live thing, plus the admittedly excellent reissue of their gonzo first album.  Hell, even their so-so second album got the re-issue treatment…..

Lush just never really did it for me, but their box set is pretty nifty-looking.

Chapterhouse, another decent 2nd tier band (only 2 albums), I think has also been extensively repackage.

So what the fuck is the deal with Catherine Wheel?  First album was awesome, as was the 2nd.      HAPPY DAYS 90% sucked ass, sure, and WISHVILLE is best left unspoken about, but all of the early singles and the ADAM AND EVE album are amazing.   LIKE CATS AND DOGS was a pretty nice gathering of b-sides, but there are still plenty more out there.

I assume someone is jumping all over this egregious oversight, now that I’ve spoken.

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