Thursday, August 03, 2017


How ‘bout them Downsiders?

Two official releases that I’m aware of, and both were actually quite good, so what gives?  Indie label distribution issues?  Late-80s-indie-band-overload victims?  Not trendy enough?  Too regionally obscure?  Damned if I know.

Self-titled debut from ’87 was probably the better of the 2 releases.  Cryptic lyrics, some melancholy, a lot of good jangly guitar.  They don’t sound like The Replacements or Dream Syndicate or Husker Du or (too much) like R.E.M., but you would definitely hear them and say  “Hmmmm….. mid 80s American indie music.”

The second album is more willfully odd and troublesome.  I think that goes without saying for any album that includes a cover of Wild Honey Pie, one of the Beatles more totally throwaway tunes.  It’s still a pretty fun album, but the band seems uncertain what kind of aesthetic they’re looking to embrace.  This was ’88, when pre-grunge dissonance was on the ascendancy among hipster circles, and these guys definitely weren’t of that moment.  Oh well.

Both albums are long out of print, but can be found on the internet with a little diligence.

Happy hunting.

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