Saturday, February 11, 2017


I can’t help but notice Leonard’s dwindling/stagnant presence on the internet since his death.  I’d been hoping there were a few manuscripts out there waiting to be published posthumously, but nothing seems to have surfaced. 

Remember when Bukowski died?  Holy crap, you couldn’t get rid of that wanker.  Book after book for how many years?  I never much cared for his work when he was alive, but it just got more and more redundant and tedious after he croaked.  Definite law of diminishing returns at work there.

Like I’ve said, I (and I’m sure others) have a lot of unpublished work by Leonard, as he was incredibly generous and in the habit of sending out small, unbound collections a few times a year.  Plus, I gathered up all the work he emailed me over the years, formatted it and printed up a nice keepsake book.  I don’t really feel it’s legally my place to commercially publish anything by him, though. 

Hopefully someone out there has the power and wherewithal.

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