Saturday, February 25, 2017


At first, it was just the muttering misanthropic old guy who goes to Dawn's store (well. one of them), you'd always see him walking around town with a gold club (an iron of some sort), swiping at garbage and weeds and whatnot, but always on the lookout for ne'er-do-wells.

Gradually, tho, it seems to have caught on as a movement, all men in their late 50s or older, some walking dogs, some just walking, but all of them carrying golf clubs.  A few seem to genuinely need them for canes or walking sticks, but most seem to rely on them as easily visible weapons.  I see at least one or two guys every day walking around town with one.

Personally, I prefer the element of surprise in attack situation, I keep a flip-open box cutter in my hand at all times when walking at night.

It's a sad state of affairs.  I've been in this town for 25 years, and it's definitely in a spiral.  There have always been questionable people wandering around at night (myself among them), but the steady stream of muggings and beatings is something new.  It's amazing how many times I get asked if I have drugs to sell, or a cigarette someone can bum, or a light, or I just get asked off-the-wall questions by people who seem intent on confrontation.


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