Thursday, February 16, 2017


A lot of obscure post-punk bands out there that have spent the last several years touted as being unfairly forgotten, etc etc, as all the music critics try to rewrite history and plug their personal faves.

The Chameleons?  They definitely kicked righteous ass.  Three awesome albums in their prime and a lot of miscellanea, and then when they got back together they managed to not fuck up their legacy too bad (well, except for the in-fighting).

The Comsat Angels?  Not so much.  As an armchair critic, I try to keep things fair and balanced.  I hate tossing out the phrase “sell-out” because, really, bands gotta do what they gotta do to make money.  In this case, though…..

Nine albums, and THREE of them totally qualify as sell-outs.  Yikes.  Two shitty generic mid-80s new wave synth things, and one that was sort of a Mr Mister tribute maybe.  Godawful.

Still, their second album, SLEEP NO MORE, is a five star classic.  It’s the album their whole post-punk rep is built on.  Dark, heavy, pounding, ominous - it rules.  Album #6, CHASING SHADOWS, has dated surprisingly well for a mid-80s album.   An excellent comeback after the first two sell-out attempts.  The last two albums, MY MIND’S EYE and THE GLAMOUR,  from the grunge/post-grunge heyday, have also dated quite well and mainly succeed because, while they are guitar-centric, they make NO attempts to actually be grunge.  Thankfully.

So, three craptastic albums, 4 quality releases, and two middling records (including the first, WAITING FOR A MIRACLE, which is overrated – very twitchy and nervous without really generating any tension, plus it’s hamstrung by too many lyrics about bad relationships).  Not forgotten post-punk saviors, as much as I like them.  Sorry.

Comsat Angels - Sleep No More-cover.jpg                                          Comsat Angels - Chasing Shadows-cover.jpg

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