Saturday, June 03, 2017


New Swans live CD, Deliquescence, is just as kick-ass as their 4 post-reunion studio albums.  Has a few unreleased tracks, a grand total of 7 tunes spread out over 2+ hours.  Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccce.

Swans Deliquescence.jpg
I always thought they were kinda goofy back in my younger days, too serious and monochromatic, altho I liked the PiL disco of “A Screw”.  They started to turn the corner w/ Children of God, and The Burning World (despite everyone seeming to hate it) was nice, with its actual songs and melodies and whatnot.  White Light from the Mouth of Infinity was their first stone-cold classic, and then they rode a hot streak for a few albums.  Soundtracks for the Blind was nice, but had a lot of filler, I thought.  Could’ve easily been trimmed down to a single CD. 

Liked Angels of Light, too.  They started off good and only got better.  Last 2 albums were their best.

 And then the reunion.

 After the overly-long Soundtracks, it’s funny how all of these new 2 CD sets just seem to float on by with no filler.

I also love the Young God website, where Gira seems to talk a lot about sunlight and the power of love and how that’s always been one of his underlying messages.  It’s nice that he’s happy, even tho the music hasn’t mellowed in the slightest.  I suspect that growing older, becoming a father and getting off the drugs have brought out these new facets of his personality.  Or maybe he’s just batshit crazy.

In any event, Swans fucking rule.

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