Thursday, June 01, 2017


I encounter a scenario where a book and a movie are almost equal in awesomeness, where they both exploit the best parts of their particular medium for a totally satisfying experience.

CLOUD ATLAS managed to attain this ideal this for me.  The stories in the book are excellent, as is the way they’re set up like a nesting doll.  Very cool idea.

The movie took a much more scattershot approach to presenting the 6 stories from 6 different times, but I think it worked.  Everything gelled eventually, and I think the movie can be understood by someone who hasn’t read the book.  And if it can’t, the lazy assholes should put down the bong, turn off the THE WALKING DEAD and read the goddamn thing.  Expand your horizons, and all that happy horseshit.

But I digress. 

5 years after the fact, I finally get around to giving the movie 2 thumbs up, and then 2 more for the book.

Hard to believe this is the same duo who directed the absolute piece of shit that is JUPITER ASCENDING..

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