Sunday, August 07, 2016


One of the better things about the CD age has been the box sets that gather up all the loose ends of the artists' careers.  Some of them, of course, are just shameless grabs for money.  Pink Floyd has a new one coming out w/ music from the '65 - '72 era, I hear it's going to retail for around $600 - $700.

I assume the band had minimal input on this thing, but I also assume they're all busily trying to find new tax shelters to stuff all of their money into.  Except for the dead members, of course, who will hopefully have their profits allocated to family members.


The post-punk era, again, seems to benefit the most from these sets, since they always seemed to put out such high-quality singles and non-album b-sides.  Or, in the case of the Messiahs, they left behind an amazing set of now out-of-print music.

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