Sunday, August 14, 2016


Saw them in some overly bright dumpy basement bar on campus at Binghamton U back when they were touring behind the TOOL OF THE MAN album.  Got there early and saw their soundcheck, too, which was just as powerful as the show.  Very cool band.

Hum opened up.  They were good live, but I always thought their albums were pretty much generic Nirvana-era guitar rock.  Nothing really set them apart from the pack. 

Took the P Kids a few albums to hit their stride, but the Daisychain Reaction/Tool of the Man/Junior Citizen era was their definite high spot.  Excellent albums.  What came after (RTFM, New World Record, DDD, No More Songs About Sleep and Fire) was pretty good, too, but these 3 were the best.

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