Sunday, October 30, 2016


Dude comes out of hibernation at the end of summer.  Still gets his supplies at Dawn's store down on Harrison.

Posts a lot of anti-drug and anti-child abuse stuff, most of it around the schools and then up and down the main bus line thru town.  I don't know if he's bilingual or if someone else is taking a cue from him, but a lot of Spanish language signs are popping up, too.

This guy added anti-women's rights to his arsenal about a year ago.  What can you say about it?  65 year old men making laws about women's bodies while letting male rapists off with light sentences seems like a pretty fair sized amount of bullshit.  Bottom line, if you have a dick, you don't really have much say on a woman's choice about her body.  Best thing a guy can do if abortion is a topic that keeps him up at night is to never have intercourse with a woman again.  BOOM!  No worries.....

I know a certain percentage of these politicians keep getting busted trying to solicit gay sex in bathrooms, so there's another solution for you.  It's good to have options other than passing fascist laws based on religious beliefs, which I'm pretty sure are supposed to be kept separate from gov't issues in the first place.  If churches don't pay taxes, then god can keep his/her big fat yap shut.

But I digress.....

The thing about a lot of these abortion signs  (80% of them, at least) is that they're posted in front of or around my credit union.  I'm not sure if this is part of the dude's message, or just a convenience thing.  I've checked the brochures the credit union people send out, abortions don't seem to be listed in the services they provide.

The guy that was selling mixed drinks out of his house this summer (only $7 a pop!) put a few of HIS signs up in front of a couple of local churches.  Location location location. 

I'm thinking I need to start posting my poems on phone poles, too......

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