Monday, October 03, 2016


This town's story is a long, unhappy one.  I missed the glory years, but have been around for the past 25 years of slow death spiral.

A lot of abandoned properties/stores and empty houses & apartments.  The past 10 years or so has seen a steady influx of people up from NYC.   We've gone from a dope smoking Deadhead sub-culture to a heroin/meth gun shooting sub-culture.  At the same time, the pot smoking is much more widespread, I can pretty much get a contact high walking 1 mile down to where Dawn works at night.

A lot of people whose sole source of income seems to be perpetual yard sales, flyers advertising mixed drinks if you call a specific cell number, able-bodied guys living (unemployed) with multi-children moms, had a couple of teenage kids beat up and stab an old man in front of Dawn's work a month or so back......Local gov't doesn't seem to do shit about any of this, they're probably just happy to have the properties being rented and property taxes being paid.

A lot of busts by the cops, but it seems like for every person they get off the streets, 2 more show up to replace them.  This sign is everywhere these days.  Whenever a big drug bust is made, one goes up.  This one is in a restaurant that was just shut down after being in business for about a month, I assume the owners were selling drugs out of there.  I'm thinking we should make t-shirts of it to sell at fundraisers.....

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