Sunday, October 30, 2016


Couple next door fights all the time.  He seems to be an unemployed pothead, she works but is always getting accused of fucking around on the guy.  He also seems to greatly resent having to stay home and watch the kids while she works when he'd rather be out hanging w/ his dipshit dope buddies.  Or his girlfriend, but his infidelity doesn't seem to be as big an issue as hers.

They took their fight last night from the apartment to the street (so as not to wake the kiddies), then into their car so me and Dawn couldn't get some free entertainment.  Fuckers....  

Apparently, he claimed to have video proof of her with other people and her pants down.  Keep your eyes peeled on YouTube, it sounds interesting. 

At some point, he gets out of the SUV for a smoke and she locks the door behind him, leaving him to stand in the street banging on the window with his bare hand, threatening to mess her up if she doesn't unlock that goddamn door, etc etc.  Kept telling her he was going to kick the window in, then kick the shit out of her, then he'd scream "Unlock this goddamn door now!", which seems like a bad approach.  If you're going to ask someone to open a door, don't threaten to kill them BEFORE you make this request, you know? 

I had the phone ready to call the cops, and my trusty baseball bat in case he needed to be subdued before the cops showed up, but I was kind of interested to see him try to break the window with only his hands and feet.  Sadly, it never happened.  I think he needed to toke up, he sounded like he was losing interest in the whole thing, and then the woman across the street came home and, while the guy was distracted watching her pull into her driveway, the pantsless partier slipped out the passenger door and back into the apartment.

Who needs cable tv with neighbors like these?

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