Sunday, November 27, 2016


Nice to see someone finally put into words what I've thought for a long time.  Photography is tricky as an artform.  What (or who) exactly makes the distinction between a shutterbug and a capital "A" Artist in the photography world?  And, more specifically, how does Mapplethorpe's work qualify as "art" when there are a million images just like it on the internet that are considered softcore porn?

Dude never really impressed me.  I assume the whole "shock" aspect had a lot to do with it, and the s&m trappings but, still......... so what?

Oh well.  On a similar note, I always thought Patti Smith was insanely overrated, too.  That whole incestuous NYC artsy fartsy boho scene.  Verlaine, Reed, Carroll, Sonic Youth, yawn yawn yawn.....

Well, SY had a string of damn fine albums ('85-'88), but their lyrics were always pretty embarrassing when removed from the context of the music.

Anyway, good article.


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