Saturday, November 19, 2016


I've been in this house for almost 20 years now.  Landlord of the apartment next door was a decent guy way back when, we got along good, eventually he decided NY sucked and he moved down south.  Since then, the apartment has gone thru a series of shady, mysterious owners.

I know a few landlords at work, what they're telling me is that NYC slumlords have been buying up the empty properties in this area to rent to all the dirtbags that are being deported out of the cities.  Now we've got this artificially inflated population of welfare recipients and junkies, none of the assholes in local gov't seem to have any plans for dealing w/ the problems.  We average about 1 meth lab bust per week.

So, the place next door isn't as bad as that, the tenants are pretty quiet, but there's a detached garage w/ a 2nd story apartment that abuts my back yard, it's always been the ugly duckling of the property.  Lots of miscreants and oddballs have moved through it over the years, but they've ranged from agreeable whackjobs to non-violent shut-ins, so no biggie.  After every storm or heavy wind, tho, I find chunks of rotted shingling all over my back yard.  Finally, after about 10 years of this, the guy who does the maintenance (says he's never met the owner) tells me that the roof inside has begun leaking. 

Different people have been in and out of the place over the past few weeks, looking around taking notes, I assumed they were all contractors, but then me & Dawn noticed this sign (don't want to get anyone in trouble) on the door a few nites ago.  Good fun.

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