Friday, November 18, 2016


Just read a gushing review for the 25th anniversary re-issue of REM's Out of Time.  God, that album was crap. What the fuck was this person blathering about?

Losing My Religion was beat to death, by radio, totally lost its appeal.  Shiny Happy People sucked as bad as all the other "goofy" REM tunes, that lame-ass instrumental was lame-ass......  I'll take Belong, Country Feedback and Me in Honey, and you can keep the rest.  I remember hearing Me in Honey on some album preview on the local rock radio station and being quite impressed.  I missed the song title, tho, so when I bought the album I kept waiting for it.  Listened through a whole lot of crap before I found out it was the LAST FUCKING SONG. 

I loved REM, but I tried and tried and couldn't even like that crappy album.  Wasn't happening.  It sucked so hard, I almost passed on Automatic for the People.  Which is insanely good.  And then Monster sucked.  And then Hi-Fi was about 60% lame, and then I just stopped caring.  What a letdown.  Great hot streak up through Green, though.....

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