Friday, November 18, 2016


What I dig are those artsy types who work extensively with labels and bands to create an extensive catalog of groovetastic images.  Pettibon w/ SST, Oliver w/ 4AD, Saville w/ Factory, and so on and so on.  Yes sucked for the most part, but Roger Dean did some excellent work for their album covers.

Nyree Watts takes some amazing photos, excellent covers for various Badman and Mark Kozelek projects.  Similarly, Bruce Licher has done some amazing work for Lanterna.  Just wish they were more prolific.

I also wish Deryk Thomas did more work for Swans/Angels of Light.  Those dad and burning bunnies rule!

No point mentioning Hipgnosis, of course, so I won't, even if I just did.  Always surreal and pretty spectacular, I've got a coffee table book by Storm Thorgerson (RIP) floating around somewhere.  Good shit.

All of this, of course, is just a lead up to showing some cool work by James Marsh, who worked with Talk Talk.  Spirit of EdenLaughing Stock?  Fuck, yeah.  Brutally gorgeous music, I think Marsh's art compliments it perfectly.

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