Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Image result for lisa germano happinessYou just won't find 'em any cooler than Lisa Germano.  Is she even still making music?  I never know.  Each of her albums seems to get more claustrophobic, desolate and hopeless than the one before, tho, and that's saying something.

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Do you love the fact that she fiddled for Little Johnny Cougar Mellencamp for a few years?  Of course you do.  Compare her lyrics to his ham fisted pronouncements.  Pretty funny.  Worlds apart.  

I think she was too scary for the Lilith Fair crowd, and too iconoclastic to get swept along in the whole alterna-music thing of the early/mid 90s.  She was her own niche, and more power to her.

Here's hoping she found some non-ironic happiness.....

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