Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Because I know far too much useless shit about 60s and 70s rock, my kids keep insisting that I know everything about ALL music.  They constantly say "Hey dad, you know that new song by...." and then they're outraged when I tell them that I don't.  I keep explaining that I mostly listen to the 15 gazillion CDs I own (I'm an old man, you're lucky they're not wax cylinders), and keep my ears open for new music outside of the mainstream.  They choose to ignore everything I say, of course, and keep asking "Hey dad, you know that new song by..."

In any event, here are some artists that I've been informed are mega-huge.  I've never heard anything by them, unless it was in a store, and I would have tuned it out then, anyway.  I never really plan on hearing anything by them.  Life's too short to waste it dealing with corporate dreck.

Jay Z
Kanye West
That Hannah Montana actress
Taylor Swift
Ariana Grande
Lady Gaga
any individual with a number or dollar sign in their name
anyone whose name starts with DJ
anyone who follows their name with "Featuring..."

Katy Perry had a song in a Madagascar movie, I think.  That's the only song I've ever heard by her.  Sounded like 70s disco to me.

On the other hand, I follow what Savages, A Silver Mt Zion, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mogwai and a batch of others are doing.  I don't know - I guess I like bands who are into making music for the sake of music, not people who use their music as advertisements for their "brand", whatever the fuck that means.  Mostly, I like finding things on my own. 

Right now, I'm listening to the Residents.  I just got Hope Sandoval's latest one, and will probably pick up the new Kristin Hersh, if that scores me any points with the cool people....

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