Sunday, January 29, 2017


Dear Donald Trump:

I understand what has happened.

You thought becoming President of this country would be like starring in your former reality show where your arrogance, narcissism and need for total control would be the rule.

This is not the case involving the Presidency of this country. We do not elect dictators and despots to govern this country.

You are supposed to represent a large group of citizens and speak for them.

You do not.

The better part of valor (if you understand valor at all) would be to pack it in:
Your performance ratings are low. (You seem obsessed with this kind of data and therefore should pay particular attention to it because these statistics will only get worse on your behalf).

There is no trust from the Republic for which you are supposed to stand.

You are causing confusion (with your lies); harming others with your "shoot from the hip" edicts; ruling against the Constitutional rights of citizens and others seeking asylum in this country; those assigned to represent you (your Senior Counsel and Press Secretary) are a laughing stock.

We are a "United" States of America and you have come to divide us; trick us; con us; cheat us. We do not build walls - we build bridges. We do not set up barriers - we provide access. We do not provide privilege for any one set of religious beliefs - we welcome all. We do not denigrate women or people of color - we embrace them. We do not torture but save those who are tortured.

We are a nation of compassionate response to our own citizens and the world at large. We make mistakes, yes - but we do not hold as an agenda the corruption of every right and tenet listed in our Constitution for the rule of a few over the powerless.

I understand that you understand none of this. It is the foremost reason to pack your bags, gather your minions, take your lies and make haste to leave your position and allow this nation to return to a government by the people and for the people.

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