Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Our umpteen thousandth trip to Corning yesterday, every time is amazing.  The place rocks.  Rockwell Museum of American Art (a Smithsonian affiliate), Corning Glass Museum, kick-ass restaurants, three amazing art galleries and a very cool assortment of artisan shops, antique/vintage shops, and assorted touristy places. 

Plus, it's close enough to the Finger Lakes region to keep all you oenophiles happy.

Plus, a lot of picturesque architecture in the downtown area with a deep sense of history.

Plus the Glass Museum gift shop/bookstore.  I could go bankrupt just buying the coffee table books they carry.

Plus (a big plus), the new contemporary glass art wing of the museum, which I've written about here before.

I haven't ingratiated myself enough (i.e. annoyed others) to find out what kind of writing community they have yet.  Maybe someday.

A big plus is that the art community seems to be almost entirely made up of artists and those who appreciate art.  I haven't seen a large hipster presence in town.  Knock on wood.

Anne Gant
Warm Welcome, 2015
Paper burned by glass
90 x 45 inches

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