Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Most art, it seems to me, is either a reaction against what came before, or a re-imaging/continuation of it.  Of course, that's just me.  Having influences is only natural, so I'm not badmouthing this dude (San Base, if you're keeping score).  I like his stuff.  Digital art, which is still a novelty to me.   I like looking at artsy photo-shopped pictures, too.  I'm sad that way.

Anyway, you got some definite Bosch in some of these pieces, some Tanguy landscapes, some Picasso, some Ernst, some Dali, some Sage, Carrington, Varo (okay, most of the Surrealists), maybe a Rousseau feeling here and there.  It's all good, tho, cuz he mixes everything together to come out with his own approach on the other end. 

Dig him.

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