Sunday, January 08, 2017


Love this video.  Great remake.  Very true to the spirit of the original, and it cuts out some of the meandering avant-garde freeform parts (which Floyd was never really that good at).  Listen to this on headphones without the video, tho, and I'm not sure there wasn't some overdubbing going on after the fact.  The sound is amazing, the balance and the equalization both perfect.  Whatever, it's still a kickass performance.  A longtime fave Floyd song of mine.  I used to make PF mix tapes for some of the stoners in my school, but they weren't that adventurous - The Wall, WYWH, DSOTM, that was about the extent of what they wanted to listen to.  Nobody wanted AHM or Piper or Meddle or the live stuff from Ummagumma.  Dumbasses.....

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