Friday, March 24, 2017


Dawn has a more rational approach to her art than I do.  She figures out the entire composition first, then does a series of preliminary sketches to fine-tune it.  She also does full-color preliminary drawings for many of the individual sections to see what color schemes work best.  She’s been working a lot in pastels and oil pastels lately, and the results are pretty impressive.

Personally, I’ve been sticking with acrylics.  I like oils, but the clean-up is too involved.  I take more of a Pollock approach, where I start with a blank canvas and maybe the vaguest of ideas of where I want to go with it.   I think exactly one of my last dozen or so canvases have turned out like I envisioned.  Mostly, I start with a color scheme and let the image grow from there.   Needless to say, a lot of my paintings have other, abandoned, ideas buried beneath the finished product.  I like to put the paint on as thinly and smoothly as possibly to accommodate this part of the process…..

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