Tuesday, March 21, 2017


When I do the self –published books, I usually order a test copy to make sure everything looks good.  Sometimes I have to order 2 or 3 copies to get to where I’m happy, changing layouts, fonts, cover art, etc etc.  I end up giving these extra copies away to friends, oddball artsy types, angry loaners and the like, although lately I’ve started leaving copies in some of those “free library” boxes around town.  These usually seem to be affiliated with churches.  I also like to leave them on the “free book” shelf at the library or, if I’m feeling especially cheeky, in the box of books that gets sold every Friday at their fundraiser.

So far, either the books have all been thrown away without being read or no one’s made the connection that I’m a local weirdo.  So, on the downside, no millionaires have called up to offer to subsidize my work (which probably is a plus in terms of my soul and artistic integrity) but, on the upside, no one’s thrown rocks through my windows or called up with angry demands that i cease and desist distributing my literary garbage immediately.

Life is usually a draw.

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