Sunday, September 25, 2016


Again, praise be to Dionysus for the CD age and all these groovy deluxe editions and box sets.  I'm not a huge fan of Lush, but it was nice to see them get a box set a while ago. 

Image result for swervedriver mezcal headSwervedriver got the 2 cd JUGGERNAUT RIDES a few years back, but damn do they deserve more.  They kicked ass 15 ways to Sunday, and they have a shitload of non-album and non-cd music floating around out there.  Plus, MEZCAL HEAD is the musical equivalent of a ton of bricks landing on your head.  If that's good.  OK, maybe I just mean it was HEAVY AS FUCK.  And it was.  It and RAISE both got reissued with bonus tracks, but a lot of that was already available on JUGGERNAUT.  There's a lot more work to do.
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I see the first 2 Verve albums just got the deluxe treatment, so that's cool.  A STORM IN HEAVEN is their best, back when they just rode grooves and tripped out blissfully.  The bonus music is mostly their early singles which, despite a lot of that stuff being available on NO COME DOWN, is still pretty damn excellent.  The debut mini-album isn't included in this set, but you can grab that cheap at all the usual places.  And you should.  Now.  While we're waiting.

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Catherine Wheel also need some serious reissuing and boxsetting.  CATS & DOGS was a good non-album song collection but, like Swervedriver, it just scratched the surface.  I think the 30TH CENTURY MAN mini-album is long out of print and now officially in hard-to-find-at-a-reasonable-price status.  And FERMENT and CHROME could both use a little sound tweaking.  Man do they sound good cranked up to 13 or so......  
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ADAM & EVE also kicked ass, in a wide screen panoramic kinda way.  HAPPY DAYS sucked, with the exception of about 3 songs, and WISHVILLE was pretty lame, but the non-album stuff and the 3 1/2 aforementioned albums are more than enough greatness to warrant some reissues.....

I am seriously confused as to why these record label dipshits don't consult with
                                                                            me on this stuff.

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