Saturday, September 17, 2016


In attitude, they were like an Australian Dramarama.  Humor, irony, self-deprecation, a love of rock history.  Great album, but I never really liked anything they did after it.  Oh well.  Awesome message on the jacket of the original album/cassette to the effect of HEY, IF YOU LIKE THIS ALBUM, DON'T JUST TAPE IT FROM YOUR FRIENDS.  HELP THE BAND AND BUY A COPY FOR YOURSELF!

Oh, those good old innocent days when the record companies biggest fear was that HOME TAPING WOULD KILL MUSIC.

My favorite part of the story is that, in their eagerness to phase out records and cassettes and make us all buy stuff on CD (and thus increase their revenue by making us buy stuff we already owned), the big labels helped usher in the digital age, which really shot them in the foot when it came to "home taping".  Stupid greedy fuckers.....

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Image result for stoneage romeos hoodoo gurus

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